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Commerical Laundromat Brokerage

Own Your Own Laundromat

Would you like to begin reaping the benefits of owning your own laundromat? Would you like to sell your existing commercial laundromat? Star Distributing has a solid track record of brokering coin laundries for sellers and buyers. From time to time we have commercial laundromats for sale, or have contacted by owners to help them sell their laundry!

Buying or Selling? Call Michael Davis for more information: 615-298-5547

Finance with Alliance & Speed Queen Laundry Systems

Speed Queen

Customers can find a one-stop shop – top-of-the-line equipment, service, parts, and financing – through Alliance Laundry Systems. Because we focus only on laundry products and services, our goal is to assist owners efficiently so they can concentrate on growing their business. Alliance financing offers fast decisions, competitive rates, excellent terms, and no penalty for prepayment.

Fast Decisions

Customers will have a decision within 24 hours for loans under $50,000 or within 72 hours for loans over $50,000. Compare that to bank or Small Business Administration turnaround times!

Competitive fixed and variable rates

Alliance rates are competitive with banks ad financial institutions.

Seasonal promotions

We offer discount financing packages throughout the year to assist customers with seasonal sales.


If a customer wants to pay off a loan early, there’s no penalty and no hassle. This feature allows a customer complete flexibility to refinance the loan or to sell a store without incurring the cost of buying out an existing equipment lease.

Extended terms

Alliance financing terms can go up to 60 months for loans under $50,000 and up to 84 months for loans above $50,000.

Collateral is only the equipment

When the agreement is finalized, only the equipment is the collateral – not a customer’s home or personal assets.

Industry-Leading customer service

Fast service, excellent advice from industry professionals, competitive rates and terms, and unbeatable opportunities to business owners – that’s how Alliance financing will help you grow your business.

If you are interested in obtaining Speed Queen Financing please apply electronically at this link: