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Turning Your Laundromat Dream into Profit with Speed Queen®

Are you dreaming of running a successful laundromat and turning that dream into a profitable reality? Look no further than Speed Queen®—the brand that empowers you to run your store just the way you envision it. With a range of benefits and features, Speed Queen equipment offers you the keys to success in the laundromat business.

Why Choose Speed Queen Equipment?

1. Machines for Maximum Efficiency

  • Large Capacity Machines: Give your customers the ability to do more per load, commanding a premium price by switching small washers with large capacity machines.

2. Energy Efficiency for Cost Savings

  • Energy-Saving Equipment: Turn the tables on high utility bills by investing in energy-efficient Speed Queen equipment.

3. Maximize Earnings per Cycle

  • Cycle Modifiers: Maximize what you earn per turn with cycle modifiers, allowing for flexibility in pricing and services.

4. Durable and Reliable Machines

  • 30,000+ Tested Machine Cycles: Set yourself up for long-term peace of mind with heavy-duty machines that are rigorously tested for durability and longevity.
Star Distributing wins Speed Queen’s Distributor and Finance Partner Of The Year

A Laundromat: Your Recession-Resistant Investment

1. Stability in Tough Times

  • Recession Protection: Keep on earning even in a tough economy with a recession-resistant investment like a laundromat.

2. Financial Viability

  • Low Startup Costs: Save money and start your venture with low initial investment costs.

3. Steady Success Rate

  • 95% Success Rate: Run your store with stability and confidence, backed by a remarkable 95% success rate.

4. Impressive Returns on Investment

  • 20-35% Average ROI: Keep on earning with impressive average returns on your investment.

5. Adaptability to Your Lifestyle

  • Adaptable Business: Run your store the way you want, fitting it into your lifestyle seamlessly.

Speed Queen Sets Success in Motion

Every turn at a laundromat is an opportunity to gain a loyal customer, grow your business, and add to your bottom line. Speed Queen is here to fuel your momentum and help you keep on turning towards success.

1. Earn Customer Loyalty with Convenience

  • Multiple Payment Options: Provide convenient payment options, including coins, cash, cards, or mobile pay through the Speed Queen app, to attract and retain more customers.
  • Language Accessibility: Cater to a diverse customer base with laundry instructions available in 30+ languages, making laundry easily accessible to everyone.
  • Time Alerts: Keep customers informed about the time left on their cycles or send friendly reminders through the mobile payment app, enhancing their experience.

2. Technology to Optimize Your Business

  • Speed Queen Insights: Utilize advanced technology to remotely manage your machines, your store, and your time. This allows you to have more flexibility and focus on other aspects of your life while successfully running your laundromat.

With Speed Queen behind you, you can achieve your dream of a thriving laundromat, creating a profitable venture and gaining loyal customers with every turn. Start turning your dream into profit today with Speed Queen—the key to your laundromat’s success!